MOD-504 Press Table Systems

Mod-5 series press table systems are manufactured to specifications for use in indoor or outdoor areas. Mod-5 series is a series of high-strength press table systems that meet the requirements of FIFA, UEFA and other international sports federations. Mod-5 series press table systems aim to provide a comfortable experience to users with different mounting and mechanism solutions.

Mod-504 series press table is manufactured in accordance with different sizes and press seat options. The table top and the front panel of the table used in the Mod-504 series press table system are made of 30 mm laminated chipboard or 12 mm compact material. The metal construction of the table is manufactured according to the specifications for indoor or outdoor use. Thanks to the cable channels of the table legs, socket systems of different types and features can be integrated into the press tables. The feet used in the Mod-504 series press table system are mounted to the floor with a hidden connection.

Technical Detail

- There is a mechanism that allows the system to move and return to its original position.

- This mechanism is made of core-mounted bearings and adjustable springs.

- Fast or slow closing and opening of the seats are adjusted by the nuts mounted under the springs.

- The mechanism works inside a container made of sheet metal.

- There are slots at the end of the arms attached to the mechanism to include the position protector shock absorbers.

- There are position protector shock absorbers that can rotate around their own axis inside the slots.

- Table tops are manufactured by coating laminate on 30 mm mdf.

- Alternatively, the table tops can be manufactured from 12 mm compact material.

- Table legs are made of round profile.

- Our various seat models are applied to the system.

- It is corrosion resistant in accordance with EN ISO 9227 standard.

- Table top and front panel are suitable for logo and advertisement.

- The backs of the seats are suitable for logo and advertisement embroidery application.


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