Our company produces a range of upholstered products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our products include VIP seats, box and protocol seats, press seats, and backup player seats, all of which are reinforced with materials that can withstand outdoor conditions.

When using upholstered products outdoors, it's important to protect the products as much as possible from adverse weather conditions and UV rays by providing roof cover for the area where they will be placed. We recommend covering the products with a tarpaulin outside of use times to extend their lifespan and reduce the need for cleaning. When cleaning upholstered group products, we recommend wiping them down with a damp cloth and avoiding the use of alcohol, disinfectant, or bleach.

Our upholstered products are available in both fabric and artificial leather options. We offer the MOD-S, MOD-1, and MOD-2 series products that are particularly advantageous for outdoor use, as they do not require adhesive application on the flooring.

In addition to outdoor use, our upholstered products are also suitable for indoor use in conference halls, movie theaters, and indoor sports complexes. Our products are designed with durability and comfort in mind, ensuring that they can withstand frequent use and provide a comfortable seating experience for patrons.

We understand that our clients have specific needs and preferences when it comes to upholstered products. That's why we offer customization options such as color, texture, and design to match your unique specifications. Our team of experts works closely with clients to ensure that they receive products that meet their exact requirements.

At our company, we take pride in the quality of our products and the level of service we provide to our clients. We are committed to delivering products that are durable, comfortable, and stylish, all while offering competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

In conclusion, whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor upholstered products, our company has a range of options available to meet your needs. With our commitment to quality and customization, we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect seating solution for your venue.

We also understand the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in today's world. That's why we strive to use materials that are eco-friendly and minimize waste in our manufacturing processes. We believe in creating products that not only meet the needs of our clients but also contribute to a better world.

When it comes to installation, our team of experts can provide guidance and support to ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. We offer installation services for all our products, and our team is trained to handle any challenges that may arise.

In addition to our upholstered products, we also offer a range of other seating options such as benches, bleachers, and folding chairs. Our products are designed with the same attention to detail and quality as our upholstered products, ensuring that they meet the needs of our clients in a variety of settings.

We believe that the key to success in our industry is to provide exceptional customer service, and that's exactly what we do. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients and providing them with the support they need every step of the way.

In conclusion, if you're looking for high-quality, durable, and comfortable seating solutions for your venue, look no further than our company. With a range of upholstered and non-upholstered products available, customization options, and exceptional customer service, we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect seating solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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