Mir Arena is a pioneer and expert brand in the field of seating solutions for sports and stadium facilities by combining its furniture and production experiences with today's production power since 1983.

It produces in its production facilities of 12.000 square meters in total in high quality standards for public spaces including especially stadiums, sports facilities, cultural centers, conference halls and campuses. Production quality control is kept at the highest level thanks to computer-controlled equipment pool in the production facilities in Ankara and Kayseri. Mir Arena provides uninterrupted service from the planning stage to the delivery of the projects with its design, technical and production personnel.

As a result of its experiences gained, Mir Arena has become a leading solution partner with its professional team who detects possible problems in the field and designs products with solutions for these possible problems. Many products in its product portfolio have utility model-patent documents protected by the Intellectual and Industrial Property Law.

We believe that each public project has its own spirit. Thanks to this believe, we redesign and produce our products in every project. We design the process regardfully towards the spirits of the projects and the spectator belonging to these spirits.

We design the experiences of the spectator…

Thanks to the awareness that we are a part of the experience in public areas, we produce our products in accordance with all kinds of quality and certificates required in these fields. Products designed with high production technologies are inspected by product development and quality control teams, aiming to provide a smooth experience.


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